Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blog Blog BLOG!

My Blog Reflection!

As a part of my introduction to technology course at Brock University I was required to complete a "classroom blog".  I was to act as a teacher and post different links for my students and information for parents.  In my last block placement my teacher did have a blog and I made sure to utilize it as students and parents used it as a communication tool and resource!  I saw first hand how amazing a blog can be and how it can take the learning in the classroom to new levels because students take what they have learned in class and link it to the outside world - the learning never ends!

I found the process of creating the blog to be really fun and a great learning opportunity!  This experience forced me to critically reflect on what I was posting on my blog and how to present my information.  As a result of creating this blog I have gained a new appreciation for online learning and the amazing tools that are out there!  No longer does homework need to be a paper and pencil task, homework can be fun and engaging activities!

I ABSOLUTELY will have a classroom blog when I become a teacher and I will encourage my students to create their own blog - regardless of their age!  As I saw in my last placement, the blog allowed for collaborative learning amongst the students, constant communication between the parents, students, and teacher, and a resource centre for everyone!  The opportunities with a blog are endless and I could not imagine teaching in the 21st century without one!  I can imagine using this blog for many things such as: student feedback on learning, teacher reflections, group work, online assignments, questions and concerns, review sessions...the list is endless! 

I look forward to not only having my own classroom but my own REAL classroom blog!

Miss Clarke 

Verbs and Nouns!

Verbs and Nouns!

In language class we have been working on verbs and nouns.   My super star students, check out this amazing website, Funbrain, about verbs and nouns and then blog back! *click on beginner 

Blog back! What is a verb? What is a noun
Write me a super awesome sentence with a verb and a noun and tell me which one is a verb and which one is a noun

Parents - we have been working on identifying what  a verbs and nouns are and how they are important in our writing!  Students are learning that every sentence must have a verb and a noun and this fun activity will have students identify a verb and noun and understand where they come in a sentence! 

Miss Clarke 

Our 5 Senses!

Our Five Senses!

In science we have been talking about our 5 senses.  Check out this super cool website with Sid the Science Kid to practice your 5 senses!

Blog back! What are your 5 senses?
Did you find this website easy to use or challenging? Why? 

Parents - we are working on our 5 senses!  Today in science we explored our 5 senses in five different centres (we ate food, touched objects, smelled different objects, saw science experiments, and heard school noises)!  This website is to act as a reinforcement to today's lesson - explore and help your child learn all about their 5 senses! 

Miss Clarke 

Let's Dance!

Dance Mat Typing!

We have been working on our keyboarding skills in class and are becoming experts!  To my all-star typers, please go to Dance Mat Typing and work on completing a level - I know you can do it! 

Blog back about how you are doing! 
Do you like dancing on a keyboard? Why or why not?

Parents - we are working on our typing skills so we can become stronger online writers!  We are hoping to create our own websites and online stories but need to be sure we have the "tools" before we begin.  Typing is also a life long skill and it is important for students to work on it as often as they can - practice makes perfect! :) 

Miss Clarke 

Resources - curriuclum and school board

Welcome Back!

Here are some links to the curriculum we will be covering, the learning we will be doing, and the Halton District School Board!

The HDSB website
This website has information regarding our school board and the amazing school year ahead!

The Ontario Ministry of Education
This website has information about our education system here in Ontario! 

The Ontario Curriculum
This website has all the information about the learning we will do this year!

If you have any questions please let me know and I would be happy to answer them!

Miss Clarke 

Welcome to our Classroom Community!

Welcome to our Fabulous Online Classroom Community!

I am SO glad you have joined our classroom blog!  This blog will take our classroom outside the four walls of the school to explore new and amazing things!  I will be using this blog to communicate with students and parents/guardians, share cool online learning tools, and blog/learn with the students in our online classroom community!

Parents/guardians please feel free to explore with your children as students will be expected to check the blog as part of their homework and explore the learning tools!

I look forward to taking our online classroom community to many wonderful places!

Miss Clarke